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“The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.”

Albert Einstein

William Morris inspired Little Free Library by Julie Caves

Arts and Crusts Cafe, 19 Victoria Road, London E17

About the artist:

Julie Caves lives and works in East London, her studio is at Blackhorse Lane Studios, run by Barbican Arts Group Trust. She began her art studies in California, studied art in Spain, received a BFA from the University of Texas and an MA from Camberwell College of Arts in London.  Julie's paintings involve colour either as the subject of the work or used as metaphor. Julie Caves says "I am constantly walking the tightrope between two ideas."  

You can see her work at her Open Studios June 6-8 as well as at Espacio Gallery in 'About Brick Lane' Sep 17-30.

Hare, Bear & Pear by Emma Russell

37 Cleveland Park Av, London E17

About the artist:

Emma is a freelance illustrator specialising in contemporary, figurative drawings, flat colour and patterns.   

She grew up by the sea in Devon and now lives in Walthamstow with a large flock of imaginary animals, who sometimes sneak into her work.  She likes noodles, tea and feeding the birds outside her window, but most of all, she likes making things.

Cartoon Cat House Little Free Library by Tim Reedy

45 Brettenham Road, London E17

About the artist:

Tim says “I like to draw pictures of cats and people (not necessarily in that order). I spend many hours drawing live and posting my work on social media. I have a desire to draw better each day and enjoy using watercolours because I like to create colourful images. Let's work together.”

Tim volunteers at a local after-school art club, The Mill on Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow, East London. I find children's artwork very inspiring.

His comic influences are Sergio Aragones and Antonio Prohias, both artists who used to draw for MAD Magazine. “Their work has influenced the way I draw today.” Says Tim.

Urban Fox Little Free Library by Hannah Adamaszek

40 Howard Road, London E17

About the artist:

Hannah Adamaszek injects some new talent and energy into the street art scene with her female portraits which bring a painterly style, often found in contemporary art, to the street art scene.

Hannah say “I think a lot of urban art can be visually sharp - I’m not sure if this is due to the male prevalence or part of its makeup, but my work definitely brings in a softer female touch with emotion being brought into a sometimes more aggressive world.”

Hannah got involved in the Walthamstow art scene through a project entitled ‘Mural on the Marsh’.

William Morris Bird Box Little Free Library by Emma Scutt

1 Ruby Road, London E17

About the artist:

Emma Scutt is a London based muralist, portrait artist and illustrator, and graduated from Norwich School of Art in 1992 with a degree in illustration.

She designs and produces a wide range of works from watercolour illustrations for children’s books to large outdoor mural installations.

Emma has lived in Walthamstow, London since 2007 and has been a proud participator in the annual E17 Art Trail.

Emma is passionate about the importance of art in the community:

"I believe strongly in the role art can play in improving people’s quality of life. I've experienced first-hand how art inspires the imagination, encourages expression and communication, develops creativity, and stimulates physical and mental well being."

“Clash of Colours” Little Free Library by Kiko Honda-Powell

Eat or Heat Community Lounge, Quaker Meeting House, Jewel Road, London E17

About the artist:

Kiko studied architectural and interior design in Osaka, Japan. She now lives in London with her husband two children.

Creativity and art are a central part of her life. She loves food, art, crafts, travelling, colour, patterns, old things and markets.

Birdcage Little Free Library by Grela

80 Garner Road, London E17

About the artist:

Raised in Cornwall, Gabriela Castellanos has made her home in Walthamstow since 2001. She is a regular exhibitor on the E17 Art Trail. Much of her art is influenced by her late father, Gonzalo Castellanos, taking his graphic approach, evolving it, whilst always retaining her constant companion, colour.

Jackson Pollock Little Free Library by Fabien Ho

215 Coppermill Lane, London E17

About the artist:

Originally trained as a graphic designer, at first with Central St Martin's, then at Kent Institute of Art & Design with a First degree in Visual Communication. Born in Milan, raised in Stuttgart, Paris, Tehran, Austria & Singapore, his childhood experiences have been pretty much as an outside observer of culture, people and places.

Fabien lives in Walthamstow and has been involved with the E17 Art Trail for several years.

Photo by Fabien Ho.

For more about Fabien and his work see

On 31 May 2014 we installed 12 Little Free Libraries in Walthamstow, East London. The launch coincided with the opening of the 10th annual E17 Art Trail, one of East London’s most successful artist led projects, which provides a framework for local artists and makers to exhibit and promote their work. We are very proud to be connected with the Art Trail and all of the supremely talented artists that partnered with us to create London’s largest neighbourhood network of Little Free Libraries.


Poets Corner Little Free Library

Aubrey Road, London E17

This little library was designed by the Little Free Library Project team. The roof displays a quote from William Wordsworth, “I wandered lonely as a cloud.”

It is located in the Poets corner area of Walthamstow, where each of the road names is a famous poet, including Howard Road, and Aubrey Road.

Pictured above Little Free Library host Jen.

Little Free Library at The William Morris Bar, 807-811 Forest Road, London E17 4JD

Located at the family friendly William Morris bar this little library was designed by the Little Free Library Project team. It has William Morris & Co wallpaper on the shelves and is decorated to match the contemporary décor of the space in which it is installed.

Also located at the family friendly William Morris Bar is the world’s smallest Little Free Library. This lovely library measuring just 20cm wide was created with designs inspired by kids with help from art education specialist Kate Westbrook. Its full of books just for kids too.